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As the largest distributor of Cargill and Morton Salt to the seafood industry, Frontier Packaging is a proven, reliable source for all grades of bulk and bag salt. We have over 30 types of salt, including salt tablets for canning, to meet your requirements. We stock several varieties in our warehouse for shipment within a moment's notice to all points in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

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Bulk Salt

Item Bag Size Qty. per Pallet
Bulk Extra Coarse Salt 2,450 lb. Bags 1
Cod Fish Salt 2,450 lb. Bags 1

Bag Salt

At Frontier Packaging, we proudly sell Morton and Cargill® brand salts, known for their pure and natural sea salt taste, bringing out the best in fresh food.

  • Plain or Iodized
  • Extra Coarse, Medium, or Extra Fine
  • Granular or Flake
Item # Description Lbs. per Bag Qty. per Pallet
519-06-005 Extra Coarse Boat & Shore 50 49
519-06-004 Medium Boat & Shore 50 49
519-06-003 Extra FineBoat & Shore 50 49

Salt Tablets

Item # Description Tablets per 50lb. case Cases per pallet
519-06-0005 15# Grain Tablets 23,333 50
519-06-014 20# Grain Tablets 17,500 50
519-06-015 40# Grain Tablets 8,700 50

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