bags for H&G
and fish meal+

For Bering Sea floating processors or shore-based plants, Frontier Packaging continues to be the largest supplier of laminated paper/poly woven bags for block frozen H&G products and poly fish meal bags to the Northwest, Alaska and beyond.

Consistent quality, low cost and durable, Frontier can meet and exceed your expectations – on land or sea!


  • In various styles / structures
  • Custom-printed (up to 6 colors)
  • Special order / delivery

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Paper/Poly Woven H&G

Frontier Packaging offers a large selection of paper/poly Woven H&G Bags. We specialize in customizing bags to your specifications. Since paper is an excellent printing surface, most of our styles can be customized to your specification.

Fish Meal Bags

Frontier Packaging offers a wide variety of fish meal bags in different structures and styles, including open mouth and valve. Our experienced sales team can help you design a bag from top to bottom that will suit you and your customer’s specific needs.

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