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Service is the foundation of our success at Frontier Packaging. Through years of experience and a deep of understanding of the fisheries we supply, we have the ability to anticipate our customers needs.

Frontier Packaging offers a variety of products and services to help our customers more efficiently manage their business. Think of us as a one-stop shop when it comes to seafood packaging and supplies- from packaging to logistics. We are here to serve you with the following exceptional services:


  • A tribal knowledge of seafood products and production methods to help us provide you the best packaging products to protect and showcase your products.
  • Consolidated shipments of all packaging forms and styles into single container shipments to ensure efficient use of space, and reduce shipping costs.
  • Improving better than normal lead times on custom packaging to meet short deadlines to keep your operations running.
  • Coordinating logistics with our Northwest and Alaska shipping partners to meet critical cutoffs and insure “just-in-time deliveries”.
  • Coordinated support services such as container recaps, product spec sheets, product certification, insurance, airline and ground transportation services, and international customs to get products from the plant to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.