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Meet The Sales Team

Frontier Packaging is led by an experienced, seasoned and well-established sales team. Our team focuses on providing strong sales, service and product knowledge.


Kim Hinricksen

Senior Account Manager

Prior to joining Frontier, Kim was at Expac in the role of, as she likes to say "one man band" assisting the owner in every aspect of the business.

Joining the Frontier Packaging in 1996, Kim started in customer service where she was instrumental in providing outstanding service for our customers and our sales team. She has since moved into sales and continues to provide this same level of service to our customers in her role as a Senior Account Manager. 


Jeff Asch

Senior Account Manager

Jeff joined the company in 2009, after a 10 year career with Weyerhauser and International Paper in the corrugated box divisions. His expereience and techinal knowledge in the corrugated industry, are unmatched by anyone else at Frontier. 

Jeff brings a techinical element to his sales process, benefiting customers with detail and thoroughness our customers appreciate.


Judd Magwire

Sales Representative

Judd joined Frontier, in 2009, after receiving his Bachelors in Business, from Western Washington University. 

His first job in seafood was in 1999, washing fish totes in Norton Sound during his freshman summer in high school. He went back to Alaska to work the summers until he graduated college in 2008. Because the plant locations were remote villages, Judd understands the many unique challenges Alaskan Seafood Processors face throughout the season. He also understands the importance of order accuracy and follow through - especially when shipping to very remote locations. 

Gordie Webb

BC Territory Manager

Gordie is a seasoned professional selling to the fishing industry in BC, since 1994. He started his career in 1979 with BC Shippers Supply, a corrugted box company.

In 1994 Gordie moved to Ropak, selling roe packaging, joining Frontier Packaging in 2014 as our BC Territory Manager. His passion and entusiasm for the fishing industry permeate his selling style making Gordie an asset to any customer.