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Fresh Fish 10K OTR Bags (Oxygen Permeable)

10k bags/film is a highly permeable material perfect for packaging fresh seafood products. The high shrink material provides a skin-tight, oxygen-permeable barrier and the leak-resistant bags retain weepage and purge from the product. The skin-tight bags also allow the product to be chilled quickly and shipped at the lowest possible temperature.

  • Preserves product freshness
  • Eliminates risk of underweight packages
  • Custom printable on one side
  • Wide variety of standard print options
  • Permits fresh fish to be packaged in 2, 5 or 10 lb units
  • Meets FDA guidelines
  • Ideal for maintaining color
  • Guaranteed oxygen transmission rate
  • Designed to be heat sealed
  • Can be shipped with reduced quantities of wet ice
  • Reduces transportation costs

Sealed Air Certification


Cryovac Spec Sheet

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