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Frontier Packaging identifies and supplies the best packaging materials and solutions, including paper goods, Styro, insulated containers, laminated and vacuum sealed packs, and more. We coordinate the purchasing of specialty packaging products from a wide assortment of suppliers, and the navigation of complex logistical support activities, consolidating orders in a central warehouse and handling all the logistics to transport products in one organized shipment to the seafood processors, wherever they may be.

Frontier’s hallmark – and what differentiates us from virtually all other packaging suppliers in the industry – is our extraordinary customer service, going well beyond just supplying packaging. By offering material consolidation & logistics services, we take a complicated piece of the seafood industry’s operations and provide a simple and worry-free solution.

The Frontier Value:

  • Superior Sales
  • Extraordinary Service
  • Comprehensive Logistics
  • Innovative Packaging Solutions
  • Unequaled Industry Knowledge