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Fresh off the Press

Frontier Packaging Receives Outstanding Score on the annual Seafood Products Association Inspection

Tuesday April 30, 2013

In April of this year we received an OUTSTANDING score on our inspection. The key areas of inspection are in the area of hazard and risk assessment, security, employee practices, container inspections, chemicals, sanitation, records retention, preventative maintenance and recall and traceability. Everyone at Frontier works hard to make it a great place to work, and the score proves it!

Frontier Announces New Ownership Group

Monday December 3, 2012

Frontier Packaging is pleased to announce the sale of Frontier Packaging to Gladstone Companies, headquartered in McLean, Virginia. There has been no change in management or employees and Frontier will continue to provide the same products and service on which we have built our reputation in the industry. The only change of note is our name will now change from Frontier Packaging LLC, to Frontier Packaging Inc. We would appreciate it if you would bring this announcement to the attention of your accounts payable department and direct them accordingly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your representative at Frontier Packaging.

Fuel Up to Play 60

Monday January 30, 2012

Frontier Packaging has been recognized for their participation in the recent "Fuel Up to Play 60" promotion of Chelan Fresh Marketing.  Chelan Fresh, as a marketer of high quality Washington Apples and fruit, has teamed up with the American Dairy Association and the NFL to promote healthy food/fruit alternatives to kids through grocery retailers across the country.  The 2011 campaign included in-store displays and product bags depicting active kids playing 60 minutes each day, along with the NFL insignia and the "Fuel Up to Play 60" campaign logo.  All displays and packaging for the 2011 release was supplied by Frontier.  The 2012 campaign is expected to be a much larger release, as many additional retailers have voiced strong interest in participation.  In recognition of Frontier's scope of capabilities and consistency in reproducing the branded images, Frontier Packaging has been named as exclusive supplier of all in-store materials for these campaigns.

Frontier Packaging announces a new partnership with Ropak Packaging

Thursday January 12, 2012

Frontier Packaging and Ropak Packaging are please to announce they have signed a new partnership agreement regarding the supply of roe packaging. Effective January 1, 2012 Frontier Packaging will now purchase all of their 5kg and 1kg roe containers from Ropak, with the exception of Frontiers thermoformed MAP trays. Frontier’s 5kg and 1kg containers were previously manufactured by a third party using Frontiers’s exclusive molds, which will now be idled. In exchange Ropak will turn over to Frontier 100% of their direct sales accounts (those customers who have purchased directly from Ropak and not through a distributor) for seafood products including packaging for herring roe, salmon roe, and the newly developed prawn box. Customers who previously purchased through Ropak directly will now purchase through Frontier. Ropak Packaging is a leading manufacturer of injection molded plastic containers with plants all across North America and Frontier Packaging is the largest supplier of seafood specific packaging in North America. Due to a shrinking market for roe specific containers the two companies formed the partnership to allow both companies to excel in their respective areas of expertise. Please contact your Frontier Packaging representative for further information.


Monday June 20, 2011

Designed With Our Customer in Mind

Easy to navigate and designed with our customers in mind, Frontier Packaging is proud to announce the launch of our new website.

FrontierPackaging.com is designed to provide more engaging content and enable our customers to find the products and information they need quickly.

As part of the process to make it easier for customers, we now have listed specific products and features as well as many useful resources. We want ...
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