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Fuel Up to Play 60

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Monday January 30, 2012

Frontier Packaging has been recognized for their participation in the recent "Fuel Up to Play 60" promotion of Chelan Fresh Marketing.  Chelan Fresh, as a marketer of high quality Washington Apples and fruit, has teamed up with the American Dairy Association and the NFL to promote healthy food/fruit alternatives to kids through grocery retailers across the country.  The 2011 campaign included in-store displays and product bags depicting active kids playing 60 minutes each day, along with the NFL insignia and the "Fuel Up to Play 60" campaign logo.  All displays and packaging for the 2011 release was supplied by Frontier.  The 2012 campaign is expected to be a much larger release, as many additional retailers have voiced strong interest in participation.  In recognition of Frontier's scope of capabilities and consistency in reproducing the branded images, Frontier Packaging has been named as exclusive supplier of all in-store materials for these campaigns.