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Frontier Packaging announces a new partnership with Ropak Packaging

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Thursday January 12, 2012

Frontier Packaging and Ropak Packaging are please to announce they have signed a new partnership agreement regarding the supply of roe packaging. Effective January 1, 2012 Frontier Packaging will now purchase all of their 5kg and 1kg roe containers from Ropak, with the exception of Frontiers thermoformed MAP trays. Frontier’s 5kg and 1kg containers were previously manufactured by a third party using Frontiers’s exclusive molds, which will now be idled. In exchange Ropak will turn over to Frontier 100% of their direct sales accounts (those customers who have purchased directly from Ropak and not through a distributor) for seafood products including packaging for herring roe, salmon roe, and the newly developed prawn box. Customers who previously purchased through Ropak directly will now purchase through Frontier. Ropak Packaging is a leading manufacturer of injection molded plastic containers with plants all across North America and Frontier Packaging is the largest supplier of seafood specific packaging in North America. Due to a shrinking market for roe specific containers the two companies formed the partnership to allow both companies to excel in their respective areas of expertise. Please contact your Frontier Packaging representative for further information.