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At Frontier Packaging we provide innovative and efficient packaging solutions to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and far-reaching regions around the world. Our products, services and experience are what give Frontier Packaging a leading edge on quality custom packaging products and services for our customers.

We are defined by our commitment to customer service. We believe the foundation of our success has been our ability to provide our partners with high-quality products and services, backed by our responsive, personal attention.

What does this mean to you? We’ve got it handled – from product sales to service and logistics. We supply seafood packaging in some of the most remote seafood plants in the world, where packaging performance and meeting precise shipping schedules is critical. Our products include: boxes for fresh and frozen seafood, corrugated totes, styro boxes, poly bags and liners, vac bags, structured films, laminated paper bags for H & G, and a full line of packaging and processing supplies for roe, just to name a few. All must be on time and work every time. We offer everything in a moments notice, whether it be from our extensive stock program or custom items with your information printed, imprinted, or embossed.

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